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Our site aims to offer you honest and impartial dating advice, professional appraisals and recommendations of the sites available to US singles as well as other tools to match you to the matchmaking service that is perfect for you (Meta huh!?

) We wish you a pleasant and short journey to finding the love of your life and ultimately happiness and fulfillment.

We then critique each site on security, usability and credibility.

Based on this main review and also on customer feedback we assign each site a weighted score based on these two factors.

There are many different options, ranging from 100% free dating sites to paid membership sites with monthly costs of up to . Its worth noting that paid-for dating services deter scammers and fakes as the barrier to entry is a little higher.

For the same reasons we use penicillin, centralized clean drinking water and cars.

Some have massive marketing budgets, others have millions of members, while quality smaller websites might have revolutionary new features.

How do you decide which site you should spend the time and money on signing up to?

This is a good distinction to help you choose between the different platforms.Online dating for singles in America is a fun and exciting way to broaden your potential dating horizons.With the growth of mobile internet access and the ever broadening mainstream acceptance of dating sites, the number of services available to singles in the US has skyrocketed.For the first time in history we are truly free to follow our hearts and search for the perfect mate using modern tools.Many sites offer personality matching based on the latest psychological developments in relationship science.

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Without the help of internet dating, we very quickly end up in a small social bubble where finding new dates gets harder each and every year.

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