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Constitutional amendments passed in 2008 effectively abolished the two-term limit, as well as increasing the president’s powers relative to the prime minister and other parts of the government.Each of Bouteflika’s four elections to the presidency has been tainted by accusations of fraud by his chief adversaries.The Amazigh-dominated Rally for Culture and Democracy (RCD) party boycotted both 20 elections entirely.The military and intelligence services continue to play an important role in politics, fueled by their ongoing rivalries.The People’s National Assembly, the lower house, has 462 members directly elected for five-year terms.In the 2012 elections, the FLN won 208 seats, the RND increased to 68, and the Green Algeria Alliance—comprised of multiple Islamist parties—dropped to 49.The official voter participation rate dropped precipitously from 75 to nearly 40 percent, and opposition figures and informal foreign observers stated that the actual participation rate might have been half or even less of official tallies.

A 2011 press law contains vague language that reinforces the government’s ability to block reporting on certain topics, including those deemed to undermine the country’s security or economic interests.Few corruption investigations ever lead to indictments much less convictions, though there were a number of exceptions in 2015.In May, a court in Algiers sentenced two dozen people to prison for embezzlement of public funds and the payment of bribes in connection with the construction of Algeria’s east-west highway, one of the country’s largest ongoing infrastructure projects.Rampant corruption plagues Algeria’s business and public sectors, especially the energy sector.Despite anticorruption laws, a lack of government transparency, low levels of judicial independence, and bloated bureaucracies contribute to corruption.

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The FLN, RND, Green Alliance (comprised of the Movement of the Society of Peace, Ennahda, and Islah parties), the Front of Socialist Forces, the Workers Party, and a number of smaller parties sit in the current parliament.

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