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She will be perfectly content with you just not cheating on her.2 – The Older Woman has . I don’t think I need to say any more on this.3 – Quick story.A friend of ours once brought his latest catch to our watering hole.Before you know it, your house is infested with feminine hygiene products. Gone are the hormone-induced mega tantrums over socks left in the sitting room, or a full on thermo-nuclear scale argument because you didn’t return her missed call.All in all, your blood pressure will be far more stable with an older woman than with a PYT who is still drowning in a turbulent sea of adolescent hormones.7) : Why?

At that time Jacob ‘Ghost’ Mulee was having some shidas as well, but that’s no excuse for confusing him with the Finance Minister of the Country!Which leads me to…..8 – : Since the dawn of time, women have been using their natural charms to get ahead in life. If your female boss ties that promotion you have been passed-over for ten times with a little nocturnal enterprise… ” 8 times out of 10, you’ll hit that all the way up the corporate ladder.9 – : An older woman will understand that the social conventions of Kenya weigh heavily against a younger man marrying an older woman.On the other hand men find it debasing and some how even under-handed to sleep their way to the top. So, the relationship begins with marriage being completely out of the picture. Stop wasting your time; you’ll regret it when you get older. It’s for your own good”, said her mother, adamantly.And why was it better to date a white person rather than another African?

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