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Participants in Dwyer's 2007 study indicated that they use networking sites because they provide an inexpensive, easy and convenient way of managing social relationships. (20) conclude from their content analysis of focus groups of My Space and Facebook users that participants access network sites for Users employ text and images in their profiles and blogs to describe who they are, what they like, and what they do.Through their posts, users send greetings, exchange messages, make plans, flirt, and maintain contact.My Space defines Friendship as any kind of mutual relationship among its members.Adding a friend to a list of contacts is not necessarily an indication of feelings for that person.

In addition to differences in social cues in online and offline environments, friendship is defined differently on social networking sites than it is in offline relationships.Some colleges and schools keep track of their students' posts on networking sites and issue offline punishments for socially undesirable or illegal activities disclosed online (Barnes, 2006).Prosecutors and police officers could potentially use online data to investigate interactions between suspects and victims (Schesser, 2006).boyd explains that some of the relative superficiality can be attributed to social pressures associated with “Friending” (adding friends to list of contacts) online.Some users, as according to boyd, (2006a:25): Bigge (2006) suggests that users accumulate friends to increase their social capital.

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