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Vest reports 16 million total members, as of May 2007, True advertised aggressively online and spent .2 million in online advertising from January to November 2006, more than any other online dating service.The options — and the level of specificity — are mind-boggling.Here are 26 sites to help you find that special, unique someone: Farmers are so down to earth Farmers brings together farmers, ranchers, agriculture students, horse owners, livestock owners and "cowboys, cowgirls, rodeo fans and country wannabes." The site's founder says you don't have to be a farmer, "but you do have to have good old-fashioned down-to-earth values," and the site's motto says it all: "City folks just don't get it!Most notably, it sued Robert Wells, a 66-year-old convicted felon and child molester from Walnut Creek, California.He had been able to avoid detection because California doesn't provide criminal data to businesses.

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