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Some also have children from a previous lover or husband.

So they have a way of latching on (or “falling in love” as it were) in a mothering kind of way.

Carla had moved to Costa Rica from the USA with her husband approximately a decade ago. I do not know the gory details, nor do I necessarily care.

Sometimes plans do not work out and it is time to make a life change.

And she blamed it on being so close to the equator. The spin at the Tropic of Cancer is much slower than the spin at the Equator.

Near the poles, the Earth’s rotational speed, or spin, is near zero.

That being said, I know a lot of Latina women who do NOT AT ALL fit this mold. I understand the mutual benefits, but it leaves a gaping hole in the dating pool. As lines of latitude increase in size, a point has to travel faster to complete a revolution in the same amount of time.

Plus it is a great way to learn Spanish, if he has any interest in cultural immersion. Obviously the earth is wider and warmer at the equator. The equatorial bulge is created by the Earth’s rotation.At the event, I introduced her to a gringo friend of mine and they appeared to easily glide into a flirtatious conversation.There are several explanations of where the word “gringo” originated.Another theory I have read is the word was created during the Mexican-American War.The soldiers from the USA wore green uniforms and the Mexicans would yell at them “green-go” using the English version to let them know they were not welcome in Mexico.

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Last week a friend of mine (we will call her Carla) came to a holiday fundraiser in my adopted home town in Costa Rica and later spent the night at my place.

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