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On Day 15, the Houseguests competed for the Power of Veto.

Each round, the least accurate slider would be eliminated from the game and choose a present from under a giant Christmas tree.

) and that he's "just trying to get to know people and try to take everything slow." All of this is particularly awkward when you consider that at least some of Nick's contestants had come into the show thinking The Bachelor would be Luke, since casting pulled the plug and switched to Nick (whywhywhywhy) just hours Luke was supposed to board a flight to L. According to that same interview, after the Pell-Viall switch was made, casting had to reach out to all the girls to see who would stay given that their bachelor had now changed from a West Point graduate war vet with the voice of an angel to someone who once said the phrase "If you weren't in love with me I'm just not sure why you made love with me?

" on national television as if he's never heard of horniness his life.

After nearly two hours, Daniele won the title of Ho H.

On Day 35, Kail and Jen were nominated together for the third week in a row.

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Aside from Big Brother, Daniele has appeared on the television show Reality Obsessed.

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