Dating a black man with kids

She knows black men aren’t hit with the scarlet letter that white girls are for dating outside their race.

The one element that white fathers and black mothers have in common in these situations is that when their kids decide to date outside their race, they both take it personal. Conventional wisdom states that men and women alike choose mates similar to their mothers and fathers.

I want you guys to keep in mind that just because a white father doesn’t want his daughter to date black boys doesn’t make him a racist.

It certainly could be a strong indicator but this isn’t the way to judge that one way or the other.

He knows he was pushed around and bullied by his wife and his daughter saw this for years and at some point her feminine hard drive, which is designed to be attracted to masculine strength, kicked in and pointed her to males who are nothing like him. Regardless of who or what they blame their son’s “problem” on, they know that at the end of the day she failed as a mother.

Their sons choosing to dating women who are quite literally the polar opposite of them is a result of her personality and lack of character.

Jill’s mother and my father didn’t really have much to say about it.

To be fair, she’d be doing this anyway regardless of her boyfriend’s race but it’s the black boys that dad wants her not to broadcast.

In the white father’s mind, this reflects poorly on him. White fathers know that if his daughter gets a reputation for dating black boys, white boys will stay away from her.

But that’s not what’s happening and both parents know why.

Deep down white fathers know the reason their daughters date black boys is because he wasn’t a strong enough father to warrant respect from her.

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My girl and her father knows she’s not nearly as valuable as she was 15 to 20 years ago so he’s not as protective of her as he once was.

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