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Our foods are so different even though my family has always had Pakistani food.Sindhi foods are spicy, deep fried veg and over cooked meat.sure, human being shud totally change themsleves for anyone, but i guess both do need to compromise and adjust attitudes and ideas to have harmony and synchrony in a relationship... Even though we're culturally both of Asian descent, I don't know my bum from my elbow when it comes to understanding Punjabi or Urdu, and a lot of the time I feel like I don't fit in.and sometimes one person has to do that more than the other... I hate it when some people in the community try to correct me and say "this is how we do it in OUR culture" when they know perfectly well I'm Bengali and eat pretty much the same foods and speak the same words, and I get really upset when people have digs at "goray", because I'm proud of being both white and asian.They take family and relationships very seriously but are kind and tolerant, with many of them having lived abroad so they are familiar with Western culture as well.The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a country in south Asia.

Since, my tract record with Chinese men is not the best… its cuz of the deep love i have for my husband that im surviving each day... and not a single day goes by that i cherish wat we have,,, anyways thanks n takecare hun... im from paksitan and well my husband's born and bred here tho his parents are pakstani as well...assomeone above said, its a world of difference wen two ppl fro different cultures come together and its true... My situation is slightly different - I'm mixed race white and Bangladeshi, BUT I was born and bought up in Australia my whole life (to the point I greet everyone with G'Day ). it was not even 24 hours and you fuck someone else….. He said at least I was honest and told you about it….. heres hoping some miracle happens..hit the jackpot n get our own mansion pakistan is beautiful....the northern areas...... ), your partner knows your true personality -after all that is why they fell in love with you in the first place! very encouraging and indeed ur one of the lucky ones...

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