Dating for the poor

Even those from a rich family may envy an even wealthier family.The circle of rich and poor that keeps on going and going until YOU stop it.It’s amazing how all walks of life whether they come from a rich family or poor family have different perspectives about money and how to live their lives without outside influence.Sadly money IS a huge influence in relationships for many people and with good reason, no one wants to struggle financially.

You’re probably wondering what we have in common and what attracts me to him.It was a bit awkward at first because at home it would be fine with my parents to sit in front of the television to eat a bag of crisps but not at my grandmother’s house.Things were different and although I thought they were being mean to me they were enforcing the house rules.He leads a frugal lifestyle which she is not used to and wonders if the two of them could possibly love each other and be on the same page financially. We are both in our 20’s and have since moved to Toronto for work.Although money is a concern it doesn’t matter so much, but what does matter is that he respects it, earns it and understands how to manage it.

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