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So much about speakers that we've read to us seems so wrong.So to not get too deep into the whys & wherefores here are our tried & tested opinions.The modern idea of tiny satellite speakers & an amplified sub are not hifi at all, having heard these, where is the midrange?Any amp or speakers needing a sub active or passive is just a compromise too, trying to add deep bass to an amplifier that is bass-limited just doesn't work as it sounds false.Speakers are best set -- -- facing your listening area, the old ideas of / \ firing from corners misses any true sense of stereo as sounds overlap.We've had speakers set as -- -- for many years & stereo imaging from a defined point is certainly the best way.

Phase errors will create a poor sound as well as the minute volume differences.

See at the bottom of this page for how All Amplifiers We've Tried sound on the 1969 Tannoy Golds.

Buying a Speaker is the most hard of all hifi items to buy due to the huge tonal differences and how they interact with the room you use as well as the amplifier.

Please do not link to our site on ebay sales trying to use our unique info to play buyers for a sale suggesting we are authorising their sale, as we are of New Sections since Jan 2017 that add a wide range of Hi-Fi & Tech related subjects plus opinion on Hi-Fi News 1970-1980 as we read through. This page has been updated & read through with 2017 ideas & with an Index to navigate. The Difference In Design How To Know For Sure If Speakers & Amp Match? All Amps & Receivers We've Tried On 1969 Tannoy Golds. We don't & don't have much interest in the thousands of mostly mediocre speakers made.

We've never read a page like this one we've written, you might find details hidden in dry theory books, but here is the deal on Speakers so it finally makes just a little bit more sense. It's a minefield & we don't particularly care much about other speakers than the 1968-74 Tannoy Golds.

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