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Here stands the Public Palace (1894), where the Great and General Council (the Parliament) sits.The Palace war restored for the 1994 centenary – it reopened in 1996 - by the internationally renowned architect, Gae Aulenti.Even on a less than clear day you can see Mount Titano – the mountain on which the Republic of San Marino is built – from Rimini, dominating the hinterland.Mount Titano has been inhabited since pre-historic times, though the official date for the foundation of the Republic of San Marino is September 301 A. Tradition has it that two christian missionaries from the dalmation island of Arb, Marinus and Leo, headed inland from the coast around this time and founded churches on the neighbouring mountains that would later become San Marino and San Leo.

Near the main entrance gate to the old-town lies the Church of San Francesco with attached art gallery, dating back to the 14th century.Not far away is the Church of the Cappuccini and the State Museum housed in the recently-restored Palazzo Pergami.Piazza della Libert is the heart of the country’s institutional life.Marinus was apparently fleeing persecution – the Emporor Diocletian had started a particularly vicious wave of persecution in 303.Marinus is a mysterious figure, credited with being the Bishop of Rimini, until he was accused by a woman – described as deranged – of being her husband.

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