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Coleman testified that there have been thousands of parcels sold at River Ranch Acres for prices ranging from 0 to ,500 per acre.He said that recent sales to in-state owners show a price of around 0 per acre from which was deducted realtor's fees and costs of sale, reducing the figure to 6 per acre.The trial judge concluded that the sales being utilized by the property appraiser as comparable sales were not in fact comparable because they represented prices paid by persons who thought they were acquiring the rights to hunt the entire River Ranch acreage, when in fact no one was in a position to grant such hunting rights.

The other factors listed in the statute are the highest and best use, location, quantity or size, cost, condition, income, and net proceeds of the sale of the property. He also took into consideration the condition of the property.

He took the Polk County Wetlands Ordinance into consideration.

This ordinance prohibits development of more than ten percent of wetlands area.

Thus, in the view of the trial judge, the Trust was limited to a sale in bulk.

Section 193.011, Florida Statutes (1983), lists the factors which a property appraiser is to take into consideration in arriving at just valuation for ad valorem tax purposes. Coleman of the Property Appraiser's Office testified in a conclusory way that all of the statutory factors were considered in arriving at the assessed value of the appellees' land.

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Further, we see no reason why the building permit ordinance and wetlands ordinance should enter into the determination of assessed valuation of property which everyone agreed could only be used for recreational purposes.

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