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This would be the perfect moment for a kiss, but you wonder “Does she like me? ” The answer to this question We run into these problems every day and 99% of men don’t know the answer.” As you are walking down the street you lock eyes with a beautiful girl, something just feels right. I can teach you how to look at a girl for 5 seconds and not only be able to tell if she likes you, but how much she likes you.She will lock eye contact with you, look down in a submissive way when she sees you are looking at her too, then a second later, look back up. Even though it’s not completely comfortable to lock eye contact so soon, she is feeling such attraction that she must see you again before you pass by.If she looks back at you after passing (THC) THC is money with this.

Eye contact in a feminine, submissive way Most girls that like you won’t smile first, what they will do is give you the right kind of eye contact.

She may even be nervous and jumpily look away when you make eye contact with her.

Eye contact followed by looking down, then back up This is a great pattern to look for.

Generally speaking, if you are walking down the street and see a girl you particularly like, you should start talking to her no matter what.

However, it’s usually a good to know that she will respond in a more favorable way.

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