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But recently we were told of a new sort of scam – one which works using an ingenious blend of sexual deviance, substance abuse and psychology – which may well amount to the perfect cyber crime…

There doesn’t seem to be a week that goes by without some internet security scandal.

And as roughly four-fifths of all UK meth is being used in this way, that makes for a pretty big scene. Like most dating or hook-up scenes, this shag tree has been grown and nurtured on the internet.Often these parties are ‘bareback’ or ‘BB’ (ie unprotected).Here HIV (known to partygoers as ‘the bug’) and meth (codename ‘Tina’) walk hand in grisly hand; two grim reapers humping each other in the back room.It might have given you a good night’s clubbing, but it wasn’t much use if you needed a 48-hour upper – or more.Instead, ketamine and GHB started to become the fashionable drug choices. Home Office figures suggest that more than 120,000 people were regular users at that time.

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