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Again, keep it simple at first so that you gradually build her fantasy experiences – being a woman who wears sexy lingerie and being a woman who likes it hard and fast – and so that you don’t get stuck in your head trying to think of what to say.

You’re getting her accustomed to your voice during sex, and having her step into some simple fantasy roles, nothing more.

Tell her the very next day, “It’s so hot, what happened last night when you were that insatiable woman in bed. While she’s in a normal awakened state, remind her of the night before using Recall and reward her by emotionally bonding and connecting with her.

Because no matter how wild she gets in bed, there’s still a dichotomy between how she is in bed and how she is with you outside of the bedroom.

Slap her ass, kiss her, and tell her how good you’re going to give it to her a little later on. Sure, any woman can go to a bar and get laid with a man who will most likely dump her the very next morning, but most women can’t capture the hearts of the most desirable men. Because women all their lives have been taught not to be the aggressors.

Simply keep escalating what you’ll say to her in the normal awakened state. Women all their lives have been taught not to make the first move.

There are aggressive women out there, those that steer their own destinies, those that call the shots in the seduction, but they’re far and few.

To make this bridge, start off with some sexy talk in daytime situations. tonight I’m going to dress you up in some sexy white lingerie which you’re going to wear for me. Being the seductress, the sexual aggressor is a common female fantasy. She sees her dreamy man and she turns on all of her charms to get him. In the fantasy the man has no resistance to her beauty or charm or to her intelligence and she wins him (also a common theme in women’s romance novels).

For example, call her and talk sexy to her while she’s at work. And I want you to find a hot woman in the office and fantasize about her.”Start talking sexy to your woman during moments when she’s in a lucid, awakened state. As the aggressor in the fantasy she may dress sexy and provocatively in high heels and a revealing dress. In reality most women can’t have any man that they want.

And every time she takes on a new identity, the easier she’ll pop into new identities in general. But not only can any role become real and true for her in the Blissnotic state, but any role can become real and true for her in the normal, awakened state as well.

If you want to make your woman an insatiable sex addict or if you want her to be with other women, you can make that role real and true for her in the normal awakened state and not just in Blissnosis.

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