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I'm sure it is that way for a reason, but I'd like to try to push my boundaries and embrace the differences while still having fun. Actually they are a great pairing, INTJs have all of the cognitive functions we don't and they use them in an order that are inspiring to us. It is because we both work hard at the relationship and follow our three rules: 1. But if you feel a good connection with your INTJ, you could be in for a very happy relationship. There is a re-match every week.) The times he is pleasant though is great. She uses her NT powers to great worldly success whereas I tend to be less practical and underachieving. I value other things besides climbing the ladder and making money. Essentially getting stuck on a single Te string of a massive Ni web that it is all meshed into. I think that a lot of the sites that list ideal pairings suck or aren't done by people who know what they are talking about.

Does anyone here have experience with this pairing? But yeah, currently no experience with them, but I am in the process of getting to know a certain INTJ lady, and hoping to turn it into something. You might end up seeing it her way, sometimes things don't make sense at first glance until you see it from a new perspective. In terms of achieving, I do alright, but I probably don't live up to my professional potential, but that is by choice. Some of the ones they list for me (I'm INTJ btw) are terrible.

We'd had lots of philosophical conversations and done homework together and knew each other pretty well. We always say please and thank you to each other (even for things that we do every day), don't leave wet towels on the bathroom floor, try to be prompt, use napkins at meals, wish each other good morning and good night. " "The cat seems to be biting me." Well, I had read somewhere, I can't remember where, that INTJ men are good for INTP women, but not the other way around (INTP man, INTJ woman).

" "Well Pete I figured it should be the one with the capacity for abstract thought." Two randoms Clarifications!

I think the test should be altered (And yes I know that is the core of myers briggs, but so what, things need to change sometimes) it makes much more sense just to test the dichotomies.

Why exactly does it make sense for the functions to be one type ordered one way and another ordered another?

Kiersey is an idiot, there was absolutely no theory behind his choices of ideal pairs; all he was doing was flipping the four letters around without taking into consideration how they use their cognitive functions.

ENFP with INTJ however is actually not that bad when you compare it to what he suggested is ideal for an INTP, an ENFJ.

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