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Curious is still in a sort of training-wheels stage: It’s carefully vetting prospective teachers and the lessons they create, and gives students “coins” to pay for content.

Eventually, the service plans to ramp up the quantity of instructors and content and to introduce a real payment system.

It let real people with a skill become teachers, and aimed to be a higher-quality, more humane and interactive environment for video-based learning than You Tube.

It was founded by Justin Kitch, who also started Homestead, an early build-your-own website service, which old-timers such as myself remember fondly.

Visitu is a beautifully designed app that leverages the power of the i Pad to sign visitors in and out.Visitu for Education tracks, monitors and manages who enters your campus and also prints badges for all visitors, parents, contractors and volunteers.With over 600,000 registered sex offenders in the United States; all visitors who enter your school should be checked against the National Sex Offender Registry database. Visitu allows visitors to sign legal documents digitally with the touch of their finger.It’s already useful and engaging, and the i Pad is a particularly good vehicle for the sort of lifelong learning it’s trying to enable.about a couple who use their i Pad to record themselves in the throes of passion only to discover that i Cloud has synced the video to all the i Pads they've given away as Christmas gifts.

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Visitu for Education runs an instant sex offender background check for all visitors, and notifies selected administration via email and SMS when an offender alert occurs. Visitu can display these contracts to guests and require their signature during the sign in process.

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