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Karen O Could Have Died Onstage a Decade Ago in Sydney: In 2003 the frontwoman "fell headfirst off [Sydney's Metro Theatre] stage, thwacking a guardrail on her way down.

They didn't exactly have a conventional sound – Nick Zinner's mutant guitar fuzz, Brian Chase's thundering drums, Karen O's soulful moans and orgasmic squeals.“When I put them on, I feel like a half-Korean, half-Polish-American pimp," she said."It's like sailing right past self-empowerment and going to the next level.Karen O's a tough customer, the firecracker who conquered the world in ripped fishnets, smeared lipstick and black leather gloves, not to mention the Corona she uses to start beer-sloshing fights with the crowd.But she got the fear when she heard Clarkson's smash "Since U Been Gone," which features the guitar break from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Maps" – not a sample, just a precise replica.

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No doubt, much of the attention is directed at Karen O, the triple Yeahs' charismatic singer.

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