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‘I went from watching soft pornography to dodgier stuff to get the kick I needed.’ Her addiction briefly stopped when she was 18 and had a six-month relationship with a boy.

But when she started university and found herself single again, the downward spiral of her addiction recommenced.

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She continued: ‘So now, I don’t read sex scenes in books and I don’t listen to oversexualised music.‘There are some artists that just sing about sex and it’s best to avoid that, I also try to avoid inappropriate programmes on TV late at night.’ She posted a You Tube video in February 2014 in which she revealed her porn addiction to the world.She said: ‘When I read some of the comments on that video, it brings a tear to my eye.I felt lonely and ashamed of myself.’ When Oghosa turned 21, she found Christianity and knew it was time to confront her problem.She said: ‘I spoke to a friend about my addiction and that was a huge release for me. ‘Talking about it made me realise how much of a problem it was – you’re only as sick as the secrets you keep.

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She says porn was dangerously easy for her to access.

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