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The project is ongoing and further obituaries will be included in the list.

Some libraries offer to do an obituary search for you but you will need to supply all the details around the event in order to make the search successful.

You can search them by place on the State Archives site.

Alternative sources of historical information about deaths can also be found online.

You can also use the resources available in genealogical and historical societies.

The New England Historical and Genealogical Society is the oldest one in the States, and has a library of more than 200,000 volumes.

Though these may not be complete, town or city authorities are the only custodians of older vital records in Massachusetts.

These include county genealogical collections, cemetery records, gravestone collections, and other local archives.

As a whole, county authorities, libraries, and historical societies are great sources of information due to their in-depth focus on the local history, and could provide you with information that is not available anywhere else.

However, locating an obituary can be time-consuming -- the older it is, the more time you would have to spend searching for it. One is that the newspaper that the obituary appeared in may be well out of circulation, so you might not be able to rely on the paper's own archives.

Another reason is that even if the newspaper still exists, it will almost certainly not have a digital archive of all its back issues.

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