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Bad news is that if you don’t understand new trends, you are going to be out of the market soon.

Bad news is also that if you partially understand what follows, trying to adapt it to whatever old, traditional scheme of executing events, you are going to be out even faster. If you understand the new spark of revolutionary, user generated, highly technological trends and implement them correctly you are going to be ahead of the game. Let’s get down to business then and remember to handle with care: We are not the biggest fans of trade shows.

We are sure there are a lot of Circus fans out there, but would you do business in a Circus. The culture of shouting to other people to capture their attention with loudness and noise, it’s indeed a thing that belongs to the 1960’s.

Virtual Tradeshows rationalize the concept substantially. Having arenas where companies measure is still indeed a juicy concept, and having them controlled under a virtual environment is the way to go.

We have been talking about this creative approach for a while now and here in London it appears to be the trend of the month.

Good to know we have readers that make stuff happen.

News is we are not the only one in love with new, innovative concepts.

We set the trend, now the market is loving whatever we have been pushing in the past.

She grabbed my arm and started pulling me toward the stairs.We sincerely hope planners will understand before perpetrating the killing of one of the most revolutionary concepts of events. If you don’t understand the power of live music now, you are missing out on one of the biggest opportunities for the event industry of the last 15 years. The benefits are outstanding also in terms of managing a digital service which can bring in additional streams of revenue.Whatever is going on with the music industry, one thing is for sure, live gigs are becoming the most valuable way to consume music. If you experienced the Michael Jackson concert effect lately which was initially scheduled for 10 nights and only one week after increased to 50, you can do the math for your business. Events are now tagged using hashtags such as #sxsw or #ted and people use tags whenever they witness something worth tweeting from the event. We had the chance to participate to a number of events in this format and we developed strong and long lasting relationships. They are originated from Professional Social Networking websites such as Linkedin or Xing.This shift in romantic expectations is an encouraging indication that alternative relationships may just become the […] Quiz: Should You Be in an Open Relationship?First comes love, then comes marriage then comes…polyamory?

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