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"He gives us a better chance to score in a league that's hard to score in. But it will be interesting what sort of effect Babcock and his 527 career victories will have on a team searching for an identity. The 25-year-old scored at least 40 goals in a season four times and has 97 goals in his past 167 games over the past three seasons. Stamkos can likely command a contract with at least a million cap hit, which makes the job of Lightning general manager Steve Yzerman a difficult one.

He will be the guy on certain nights." With either Evgeni Malkin or Sidney Crosby as his likely center, a 50-goal season could be in the offing for Kessel. "I definitely love being here," Stamkos told reporters in Tampa.

Also gone are Andrej Sekera and Justin Williams via free agency, replaced by free agent Christian Ehrhoff and trade acquisition Milan Lucic.The Erie County district attorney eventually dismissed the allegations and Kane was not charged.The NHL launched its own investigation and found the woman's claims to be unfounded.The Blackhawks will finally get some goals past Pekka Rinne and start mounting another one of their series comebacks. It won’t be easy; Nashville’s fans are among the rowdiest in the NHL come playoff time. Clean-shaven, relaxed and noticeably bulked up, Patrick Kane's offseason is already in full swing.

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Is it any wonder the Blackhawks haven’t found much success in the playoffs in the last two seasons? If Kane and Toews don’t start leading the way for Chicago, it’s hard to see them mounting a comeback against the Predators.

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