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It has to be more specific." After some terrible online dates, Webb created 10 fake male profiles on to see how popular women on that site attracted men.

She found that smart, attractive men (a pretty good target) were most responsive to women with upbeat profiles that had fewer than 500 words.

C., and Philadelphia, to name a few—where the number of single women outnumbers single men by tens of thousands.

"I did it and found myself by NYU's law school, where I never would have been otherwise, and met a cute guy whom I ended up dating." Another tip for meeting guys on campus: Find out where the soccer team celebrates their wins or where the premed students go after finals (fill in any type of guy you like).

Barros says that showing your passion and well-reasoned opinions can help you stand out in a class full of other girls.

"We wouldn't have realized that we were so compatible had we not clicked on an intellectual level in class," she says.

"So girls either have to lower their standards or look elsewhere for men," she says. This article originally incorrectly stated that Clarkson University at West Lafayette was the #3 best school to meet men.

Adams' own boyfriend is in the Navy, and she has friends who go boy hunting at the 91 percent male Citadel nearby. It has been updated to reflect that the number three school is Clarkson University.

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