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Within one to several hours, an SRB meeting is convened to review the case and develop a plan of action to help the girl or woman choose from among several options.

The SRB secretary takes detailed notes in a register while other SRB members ask probing questions to determine the girl's circumstances and motivation for entering the profession.

Each day, peer educators, who have responsibility for 60 sex workers, visit houses in the red light areas where newcomers are easily identified.

During the day, the peer educator or malkin accompanies the new girl or woman to the clinic or drop-in centre where a space is available for SRB meetings.

Reported condom use has increased from In 1997, DMSC decided to address the problems of underaged and coerced women in sex work settings.

Where male workers—including migrant labourers, transporters and uniformed services—move, there is increased demand for paid sexual services.

Sex work can thus be voluntary or involuntary—while many sex workers choose to enter the profession, others are induced under false pretences or otherwise coerced.

Most trafficking of persons involves other sectors and types of labour, including agriculture, construction and domestic work.

The remaining 90.2% received counselling, health care and the option to join savings schemes and other community programmes designed to reduce sex worker vulnerability.

Between 19 the proportion of minors in sex work in Sonagachi declined from 25 to 2%.

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