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As a foot treadle, the machine mounts in a cabinet about the size of an adult schooldesk.The treadle pad is built into the cabinet's base right at the user's feet.Consequently there are extant shuttles which have no stamped part number and which bear the features of both the 834.Once production settled down into the model 27 and 28 versions, Singer produced many variants that were intended for different cabinets and power sources.Such a weight strains the meaning of the term 'portable', even when fitted with only a hand crank and minimal wood case.(Today's laptop computers typically weigh 3 to 5 pounds (1.4 to 2.3 kg).) This quickly led Singer to produce a 3/4ths size version intended for portability, exactly as the White Sewing Machine Company was doing with its new 3/4ths size 'Peerless' machine.He also conceived the bullet-shaped shuttle, which the White machine promptly adopted over its more traditional boat shuttle.He took his prototype to the Singer head office and showed it to the office manager James Bolton (1832–1916).

Two decades later, when the patents had expired and the Sewing Machine Combination patent pool had dispersed, White Sewing Machine Company employees D'Arcy Porter and George W.

The high prices created a demand for knock-offs made by bargain competitors.

The main competitors were Sears Roebuck & Co and Montgomery Wards & Co, who sold copied Singer models made by a variety of manufacturers: A treadle obtains power from the user's legs.

A round leather "treadle belt" passes up from the treadle, up through the cabinet, over the handwheel by following the belt groove, back down through the cabinet again, and then back to the treadle.

The belt is joined end-to-end with a clip to make a loop, and can be shortened and reclipped (using special "treadle belt pliers") as needed to keep proper tension.

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