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The downsides of the site is the easy faking of personality in the registration process.The site has no means of detecting falsehood in age and personality, and this makes it accessible by young teenagers and children.But of course Jones was willfully misunderstood on social media and—to make a long story short—Fox News host Tucker Carlson ended up devoting an entire segment of his show to the subject with the chyron: “Trans Activist: Men Should Find Us Attractive.”“Now we’re advancing toward mandatory transgender dating,” Carlson told warned his audience. One of the first things I realized was that men were attracted to women like me.“For real.”Adding insult to injury, Carlson referred to transgender women not as “women” but as “other biological men who are transgender.”Jones was stunned by the fact that the conservative TV host would tell people that “[she] was going to force them to sleep with trans women”—and taken aback by the “thousands of commenters [who] helpfully informed [her] that [she] was too hideous to ever find someone to love.” Somehow her attempt to make a complex point to her 17,000 Twitter followers about transgender dating had given rise to a paranoid rant on a top-rated prime-time cable news show, culminating in Carlson worrying that dating sites could one day require men to date a certain number of transgender women for every cisgender woman they dated. “Mandatory transgender dating” would make a great ironic band name but it is not the political goal of the transgender rights movement. I went to a popular Southern transgender conference to gather information, connect with medical providers, and hopefully make a few friends.Every personal information required by the website during or after registration has been stated by the site that it would not be revealed to a third-party in any form.Personal information disclosed on the website would only be used to contact the user on any information pertaining to his/her account as stated also in the disclaimer.about the phenomenon of straight men who date transgender women but want to “keep us a secret,” calling those men “insecure as fuck” for fearing that society will perceive them as gay.This is a real, urgent problem that many transgender women have to face—and one that our community’s best writers, like author Janet Mock, have eloquently explored.

However, the safety of its members outside the website cannot be assured as the safety of its member during a “date” with another member is not guaranteed.

This casual dating site allows you to mingle and flirt with sexy and open-minded people, and with a very a high possibility of hooking up.

You are allowed to connect with other members through chats and IM.

To gain access to this level of connection, you would need to subscribe to the gold membership plan.

The website assures the safety and complete privacy of each of its users.

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This dating site has a search capability of locating members around you and all over the world.

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