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It has been remarked that answers to philosophical questions have a tendency to result, not in more philosophers, but in the creation of a new discipline.Is this 'the curse of the philosopher', or does it instead emphasise the importance of asking the right questions?Homer and Virgil, Thucydides and Tacitus, Plato and Lucretius, Demosthenes and Cicero - all long dead but still relevant today.'Know yourself', 'seize the day' and read some of the world's greatest literature in the original Greek and Latin to discover how our world resonates with the civilisation and culture of Greece and Rome.

This friendly session will offer tips about get started and where to look for inspiration.Is the famous life more interesting than 'hidden' stories and how can you tease out the most compelling facts?An informal group conversation led by ICE academics on our important and distinct role as an accessible and open part of the University of Cambridge, and clarifying what we expect from our adult learners.The work of Charles Darwin and Gregor Mendel has had a profound influence on how we perceive and understand the fields of evolutionary biology and genetics.Hear about key events in these areas of biology and explore how they continue to be at the forefront of scientific discovery.

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