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is still the standard storage-driver for Docker so I thought no one would complain (but I was wrong :sad: ).

Note that overlayfs shouldn't be really recommended for production environments, despite it has been seen as a potential successor to Speaking of Overlay FS, I noticed this performance issue a while ago.

that's also what I'm doing for all my images you can find at wonderfall/dockerfiles) cc @xataz if you have an idea.

;-) i know i can overwrite the entrypointscript but maybe we can have a discussion about running this chown on everystart on every container.sorry for this discussion about the docker image...it works pretty well i was just in a bad mood because it tooks hours to upgrade mastodon. There seems to be no "fix" for this issue yet and some us don't have aufs compatible kernels or the luxury of creating a VM or attaching an extra partition with brtfs or zfs for the sake of prototyping.I thought find command would cost more, but its not the case. I will build my image without the chown command in the entrypoint script.But i think this is better to tell admins to do the command before pulling new images in a release notes than to force all admins with overlayfs to build they own images if they dont want to wait 30 min (yes with 3 conteiners it takes time) to start their containers.

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@xsteadfastx Actually it's needed every time, because the chown changes the mastodon source files, not the data volumes, which are explicitly ignored by the find command at https://github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/blob/master/docker_entrypoint.sh#L11.

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