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Danny Brocklehurst adapts Mark Billingham’s best-selling crime novels In The Dark and Time of Death for a new BBC crime series.

My Anna Buring plans Helen Weeks, “a headstrong, no nonsense cop” drawn into the two most testing and personal cases of her career, just as she discovers that she is pregnant.“Helen is a detective and is very driven by her work,” My Anna said.

The unimaginatively handsome and utterly forgettable Rossi Moreale, serves as host, and as we're introduced to our six subjects, we see that he could just as easily be a contestant himself.

This is TV, after all, and everybody is attractive.

The footage we see, shot with some sort of night-vision camera, flickers in spooky black and white.

The contestants are like X-Rays, suggestions of people rather than people themselves.

Another of Paul’s friends, forensic scientist Phil Hendricks, is played by Matt King.

Sinead Matthews and Kevin Sutton star as Helen’s old school friend Pauala and her husband Gavin, with Clive Woods completing the cast as Helen’s dad Robert.

These portions of the show-- a voyeur's take on 30 Seconds in the Closet--are by far and away the best moments that the program has to offer.However, the contestants do have physical imperfections, small as they might be, (She has weird ear lobes! ), so if you're looking to reject someone based on their appearance, then you're still in luck.After a little bit of preparatory gloss in which we're introduced to the participants, we're swiftly taken into the darkroom, where all six daters are deposited.In the second two episodes, set in inner-city Manchester, she must tackle her present in order to secure her future.The new drama begins tonight at 9pm on BBC One, and will be available to watch online on BBC i Player thereafter. My Anna Buring and Ben Batt lead the show as Helen Weeks and Paul Hopkins.

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