Who is torres dating

In the season 4 finale Callie, Erica Hahn and Mark are in an elevator together.

Callie says Mark has been thinking about threesome all day, Erica says he wouldn't be able to handle them both.

Callie Torres first appears in season 2 episode 19.

In season two she comes on to Alex Kerev, because she thinks he's "the guy in the elevator".

As much as I wish I were immune to a bit of scandalous, juicy, gossip, I am not. Oh and this bit that I'm about to share with you isn't even really gossip because it is in legal documents, so it is more like an allegation than .

Just wanna wish this little badass @teciatorres a happy 27th birthday!!

I hope you have a wonderful day old lady loves You!!!

It's a gold ring with a red ruby on it -- it's beautiful!

Young beauty queen raised in small town of Toa Alta, Puerto Rico.

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